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Chapter 28 (part 2): Reaching the Infinite

Short Summary

The bridge between existence and transcendence.

Long Summary

The above explains the opening verse of Parshat Chukas about the red heifer, which purifies from the impurity of death: The divine is concealed in existence (Elokim). In the Garden of Eden there was divine revelation (Havaya, chochma). Through human efforts — “to serve and protect,” Torah, mitzvot and offerings — we draw down additional divine energy from keser (the 620 pillars of light), rooted in the impression of the infinite energy (sovev) within the finite energy (memaleh).

The service of the the poroh adumah (red heifer), which purifies from impurity, was all done “outside” (of the temple), referring to the work of teshuvah — “burning” the desires of the evil inclination, breaking it down to ash, the core power of desire (koach ha’misaveh), harnessing and transforming it to the sacred. This teshuvah reaches and draws energy from the synergistic transcendental energy within the ten hidden sefirot, and beyond that — the infinite energy (the higher Havaya).

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba prueba


Hidden sefirot; Parah Adumah; Infinite Energy.