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Chapter 82: The paradox of transcendence – Temimus: unwavering sincerity

Long Summary

We can understand the qualitative equality of all levels of transcendence (regardless of their quantitative measure) from temimus — integrity, sincerity, wholesomeness, which is rooted in the pure supra-rational desire of the soul. Temimus is related to an atzmi, which is not subject to changes and fluctuations that come from rational thinking. It is the absolute unwavering trust in G-d and His blessings, and not in any vehicles that carry the blessing, including the over investment in machinations and schemes, instead of simple trust in G-d as source of all blessings. This can be in two ways: 10 creating a container but knowing that G-d’s blessing is the key to success. 2) At times, no container is needed only trust in the divine. Better to rely on G-d — the transcendent — than trust man — the immanent (supernal man).

This temimus permeates the entire structure: The mind — positive thinking, without complaints. The heart — integrity. Action — unwavering commitment expressed in actual behaviour. Indeed, action demonstrates the truth of the conviction and sincerity.

Regardless of their distinct expression, the sincerity is equal in all these levels. Which demonstrates how the differences in revealed measure between abundant or diminished expression does not effect the transcendent intensity, which is equal everywhere.

Hebrew Text

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Temimus. Sincerity