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Chapter 84 (part 2): Zecher Rav Tuvcho: Abounding Goodness

Long Summary

We will understand this based on the explanation in the Siddur on zecher rav tuvcho. Tov (goodness) is the level of yesod, which is the channel that transmits from source to recipient. Rav tuvcho — abounding (abundance of) goodness — refers to the many yesodos, the concealments (tzimtzumim) necessary to transmit from level to a lower level, in order for the recipient to be able to contain the transmission.

In general there are 4 tzimtzumim: 1) Concealing the essential wisdom of the teacher into one point. 2) Breaking that point into details. 3) Finding the right words to express the idea to the recipient (speech within thought). 4) Expressing the idea in actual words (maaseh). Or the last two: transmitting the idea in general terms, then breaking them down into details.

So too above there are generally four levels — corresponding to the four letters of Havaya: 1) The yud — the top point of the kav. 2) The heh – Adam Kadmon (beriyah d’klolus), which contains the entire cosmic order and all its details in one image. 3) The vav – yetzirah d’klolus. 4) The last heh — atzilus (asiyah d’klolus). Or: 1) Yud — the point of the reshimu. 2) Heh – the 231 gates of the world of the “malbish.” 3) Vav – the kav, following the tzimtzum of the malbish. 4) Adam Kadmon.

All this is rav tuvcho, which is only a zecher (a recollection, remembrance), a reflection that travels through malchut to the angels in biy”a.

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