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Chapter 46: Purpose of the Spheres

Short Summary

Integrated energy – the sefirot – are needed only for existence.

Long Summary

All the above is about the integrated energy (ohr pnimi), which manifests in containers, in order to permeate the structure of existence (the “worlds”). Because these defined energies as they are rooted in the pre-tzimtzum boundless light are the level which envisioned and prepared within itself the power (shi’ur atzmo b’koach) to emanate a finite structure. Thus, the energy that results from this does not radiate everywhere equally. Rather, it consists of a hierarchy of levels and gradations — i.e. the ten sefirot, which are also in the actual energy, and take on substance and shape when they manifest in the containers.

However, the transcendent energy (ohr makif), in contrast, does not manifest in containers, because its root in the pre-tzimtzum boundless light is in the infinite light, which reveals and is is similar to the essence.

Even though the root of the defined energies is also united with the essence (of the “same garment,” min konof, as discussed earlier in chapter 17 and 27), nevertheless this energy only exists in order to bring existence into being. Because were it not for the [interest in creating the structured] worlds, there is no place [no need] for these levels at all (as the Zohar writes). All the sefirot are there for the worlds [and have no other purpose].

Take the sefirah of malchut, sovereignty: Leadership is only possible when there is a nation. The reason for creation is because G-d desired to rule. And since there is no king without a nation, He therefore created worlds over which to rule.

Same with the emotional sefirot: In contrast to intellect, which is experienced alone (and when concentration or deliberation is necessary, an other will actually confuse and disturb the intellectual process), and tend to create a sense of separation from others, emotions are only possible when there is another entity outside of yourself, kindness and compassion can only be directed to another, and by feeling close to the other.

Hebrew Text

prueba prueba prueba


The purpose of integrated energy. Sefirot. Emotions. Malchut.