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Chapter 81 (part 2): The paradox of transcendence – What defines structure: quantity or quality?

Long Summary

This is the meaning of the Etz Chaim that the energy in Atzilus radiates in different measures (in keser and chochma from up close, in z”a like through a window, in malchus through a hole), reflecting the quantitative diminishment of the same energy from level to level (while in biy”a it radiates through a curtain, signifying a qualitiative leap). You can expand the hole and turn it into a window. Like the transmission from a teacher to a student, which contains all the intellect in a concentrated and concealed fashion (and the student will appreciate the intellect after 40 years). Same is true with intellect tha give birth to emotions (though they are different qualitative idioms), that the emotions contain the intellect in a concelaed state, and later when they mature the intellect is revealed in them.

All this demonstrates that structure, even of the immanent energy, is not defined that much by the quantitative measure of energy, being that even diminshed energy contains all the abundance in a concealed form [and the primary structure is defined by the qualitative difference of the immanent entities]. How much more so in transcendent energy, that its different quantitative manifestations (in ten sefirot) does nor imply structure. The quantitative diminishment of immanent energy actually weakens the energy, and because immanent energy is defined by its revelation, a dimnished state of energy defines its level. While the diminishment of transcendent energy (desire) does not weaken the intensity of the transcendence.

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