Ep. 319: Which Takes Precedent: Doing a Mitzvah or Helping My Wife?

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  • Dovid

    Very often, when learning a Maamar, there are fundamental concepts that one may not understand unless someone explains them. Not every time when someone learns a Maamar is there available a Mashpia or someone who can explain these concepts, especially when one picks up a Maamr that is given out every Shabbos in the Shuls and tries to learn it alone.
    (Of course one can look in the footnotes for references, but not every time are those Sfarim available, or not always is there time to look them up).
    Is their a Sefer that can be used as a reference to concepts in Chasidus so that when learning an any given area of chasidus one can regularly refer to it to understand the concepts and in turn understand what is being learnt?
    If not, where can one acquire knowledge of fundamental concepts of Chasidus in a way that one would find it easier to learn and understand other areas of Chasidus?

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