Ep. 294: MyLife Special Edition – 70 Years of the Rebbe’s Leadership: Embracing Our Mission

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  • Sterna Sara Kasowitz

    Rabbi Jacobson,
    Yasher Koach for explaining the concepts so well, the practical suggestions, making it very relevant to each and everyone of us, in every situation.
    Every week there’s much planning, that goes into these episodes.
    This particular planning from begining to end with the Rebbe speaking the very inyanim as the introduction,
    explaining the themes of Basi legani, the example of the cleaners,
    to be able to see becol derachecha daehu, the chilling reminder of that video, with the Rebbe.
    I was so taken aback when I saw it, so uncharacteristic of the Rebbe to speak that way, ( you put that into prospective)
    the emphasis of putting the Aleph into Gola.
    “Devarim hayotzim nicnosim.”
    You clearly brought the emphasis of the “Dor Hashvii” to our attention, it’s awesome responsibility, and down to earth examples of how to be invigorated with passion, to be able to draw down the Schina into Hashem’s garden.
    May you go mechayil el choyil, to continue, to inspire, and impress, upon everyone, the message, the themes, the understanding of the Rebbe’s vision, so that individiually, and collectively we will all do more of our part in aligning the world, with Hashem’s purpose for creating it.
    Looking forward to part 2.

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