Ep. 318: Who Is Our Greatest Enemy?

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  • Dovid

    As you already know, any comment I can write in praise of your work will be an understatement.
    This comment is a technical one.
    It seems as if the volume output of the last 15 or 20 episodes is lower than previously.
    We like to have our episodes playing on our iPad when we sit down for supper; and recently, even when we raise the volume to the highest, it is still lower than in the past.
    I checked this out on a computer just to make sure the volume on my iPad is not failing, and I found that this is the case even on the computer.

    We would even more greatly appreciate your work if the volume output were higher.

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  • Minimalist Wallet

    There are lots of things to learn, so much info on it.

    Best regards,
    Harrell Raahauge

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